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 A Quality Dental Practice for Malmesbury

We provide regular dental treatment as well as the more exotic cosmetic / aesthetic treatments.
We have a fully staffed hygiene department available 5 days a week for periodontal treatment and ongoing maintenance. 
You can also see a hygienist without being a 'patient' or seeing a dentist first using 'direct access'

To make an appointment to see either (or both!) a dentist or a hygienist then call us on 01666 82 2220 or click on the adjacent box to book an appointment online

If you have an urgent dental problem we will see you as promptly as we can.

Practice Reopening

Our practice, along with many others has reopened on Monday, June 8th.
It is going to be a slow start as to comply with all the guidelines we need to arrange appointments, greet patients and provide treatment in a very different way from before lockdown. There is also a much higher level of PPE and cross infection required to ensure we keep our staff and our patients safe.Like all practice ( and other non-urgent NHS services) sourcing PPE is an issue as well.
It is not clear how long and to what degree the requirements will be needed but we will not be making any great inroads into the backlog until we can get back to practising the way we were.

We will be prioritising our Plan patients and those who need urgent treatment and had appointments cancelled.

Details on the new procedures for visiting the practice

Contact Details and Opening Hours

 21 St Mary's St, Malmesbury SN16 0BJ

Phone: 01666 822220

Email: [email protected]


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Many of our new patients initially find us and/or then check us out via Google and online reviews.
The changes Google has made over the last few years has enormously increased the importance of positive online reviews on our position in Google Search and not unreasonably we would like to be organically number one on Google for Malmesbury.

It would be great for us if any patients who have had a good (hopefully great!) experience with us could leave a review on one of these sites: