*** 21 St Mary's St, Malmesbury
01666 822220
[email protected]

A Quality Dental Practice for Malmesbury

This is the part of the front page of every dental website where every practice say how wonderful they are and what great treatment they provide.
Little option really so here goes   .... :-)

We  provide regular dental treatment as well as the more exotic cosmetic / aesthetic treatments.
We have a fully staffed hygiene department for ongoing dental maintenance treatment.
You can see a hygienist without being a 'patient' or seeing a dentist first.

To make an appointment to see either (or both!) a dentist or a hygienist then call us on 01666 82 2220 or click on the adjacent box to book an appointment online

If you have an urgent dental problem we will see you as promptly as we can.

Barley Mow Blog

Barley Mow Dental Blog

Thoughts from the Horsefair
  • Breakfast Cereals….
    I think by now that most people are beginning to realise that breakfast cereals may contain more sugar than you realise, but recent research from Cardiff  shows that the packaging can mislead consumers in to imagining the products are more healthy than they are.Nutritional claims focus on minerals and vitamins, which like in bread, are … Continue reading Breakfast Cereals….
  • New Blog
    Our old blog was lost as it wasn’t backed up when the web server disc died a year or two back so I have started a shiny new one. The posts will primarily be by Bruce Morden, one of the dentists at Barley Mow, and the opinions are solely those of the post authors.

Curious about what we look like on the insideGoogle capture?

We have a Google Street view of the practice available
so you can look around a 'virtual' building.

Click here to have a look....

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