21 St Mary's St, Malmesbury
01666 822220
[email protected]

The practice is presently accepting new patients and can usually arrange for you to be seen within a day or two.

We have a 'child-only' NHS contract, which effectively means that all patients under 18 are treated on the NHS unless the treatment required or requested is not available, and all those over 18 are treated privately, even if they have exemption certificates, are on benefits or are students.

We do offer special rates for young adults (18-23 years) - with regular examinations @ £20 and new patient [email protected] £40. Please let us know if you wish to take advantage of these rates.


In order to properly assess each new patients dental condition and arrange treatment a 30 minute appointment is usually arranged. If you are in urgent need of treatment we will do a quick assessment and do what we can to help, and then arrange a follow-up appointment to complete the assessment if required. At present the fee for this is £70 inclusive of any radiographs.

If you contact our reception team they will send a welcome pack, which will contain a letter, medical and dental history sheet, a current price list, a smile check sheet and if required a map showing the location of the practice, as well as leaflets on our dental plans and the practice information leaflet

If time is short, or you are just curious they can be downloaded here:

Welcome letter
Information for new patients
Medical and Dental History form
Barley Mow Maintenance Care Plan
Barley Mow Comprehensive Care Plan

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