Research has shown that the SLS in toothpastes negates the action of chlorhexidine, the active ingredient in Corsodyl mouthwash and gel for at least 30 minutes after the toothpaste is used and up to 2 hours later. So, to get the best effect the two need to be separated in time by 1-2 hours.

SLS is caustic but is partially inactivated by many of the other components of toothpastes.

In some people it appears to be active enough to trigger oral ulcers. For this reason, we will often recommend a trial of SLS free toothpastes to see if it helps those with this problem.

SLS Free toothpastes

SLS = sodium lauryl sulphate is a common detergent found in many toothpastes, among other products.

Too the best of our current knowledge, this list is accurate; however, always read the product label to be certain.

Zendium                                     Unilever. The whole range is SLS free

Sensodyne                                 the whole range is SLS free

Oral B                                         Gum & Enamel repair

Oranurse                                    SLS and flavour & colour free. The taste is ‘interesting’!


Taylors 32                                  the whole range is SLS free. Available online

Dentalux                                     available from Lidl

Colgate                                       Sensitive Pro-relief Repair & Prevent

Many others are available, including store-brands that are cheaper than name brands. We advise reading the ingredient list carefully. There are also a number of natural alternatives available via health food stores and online. Please check they have fluoride in, so you don't substitute one problem for another