Our Outline Fees

We publish our outline fee scale as we think our present and potential patients should have some indication of the possible costs of treatment. Please note that price lists can only give an indication of the likely cost of treatment. No two patients and their fillings/ dentures/ crowns or bridges are identical. A full assessment is really required to give an accurate indication of the likely costs of treatment.

Plan patients fee levels are 15% less than the private fees listed below, except where laboratory fees are involved, in which case only our component of the fee is reduced 15%, which roughly works out to 10%. Hygiene fees are even lower - around 20% off.

Your dentist will give you a detailed estimate when a treatment plan is formulated, and even this will be updated if it has to be changed as the treatment progresses.

If you are unclear please ask and we will endeavour to provide the information or and further explanation you need

Fee Scale Outline  Updated December 2023

Oral Health Assessment - £ 70
This is for a detailed 15-20 minute examination covering soft tissues, the teeth, restorations, the gums & any dentures

New Patient Consultation £ 102
This is for a detailed 30-40 minute examination including any required radiographs. We aim to evaluate all of your teeth and oral structures, diagnose any problems and discuss the possible treatments required and then formulate the treatment plan. If you have urgent treatment needs then we will try & deal with these if possible, but a further appointment may be required to complete the information gathering needed to ensure we correctly diagnose all of your oral problems.
It is reduced to £60 if a patient signs up for a Plan at the initial visit.

Emergency Consultation £ 81
This is for a 20 minute appointment to diagnose & resolve any problems.
Another appointment may well be required.

Bitewing Radiographs £ 14

Hygienist Visit £ 81
This is a 30 minute appointment with a hygienist for any necessary oral hygiene education and advice and a thorough scaling & polishing

Composite restorations (White fillings) This is our default material for the vast majority of our restorations.
Quality materials and state of the art bonding agents are used to restore front and back teeth to their proper form, colour & function.
Front teeth from £135 
Back Teeth from £145   These restorations are time-consuming to do properly using quality materials. They range in size from small pits to entire teeth and the cost similarly covers a wide range.... .

Simple extraction of a single tooth £135
Further extractions are individually priced depending on number and anticipated difficulty.

Full denture £1000     Full/Full denture £1250      Partial Dentures £550
These dentures are made using highest quality teeth and impact resistant resin to give superior aesthetics and fit.
We can also supply dentures with a subframe of printed stainless steel, which is generally felt to be more comfortable and stronger.
Just becoming available is a new digitally printed pink base and printed teeth which offer speed and price advantages.
Repairs start from £55 and are usually done off site and so take 24 hours.

Inlays, Veneers, Crowns & Bridges
There are now a wide variety of crown and bridge materials available ranging from utilitarian to highly aesthetic. Depends on what you need/ want. Prices start from around £650 to 800

There are many types of crowns, inlays and veneers, each with its specific indications. They can be ideal for restoring badly damaged teeth or improving the appearance of crooked, discoloured or heavily filled teeth.
Bridges require individual estimates but are in the region of £400 – 600 per tooth involved. and are often the ideal way to restore missing teeth.
We do not provide implants, but can refer to several reliable colleagues who do.

Root-Fillings £350 - £650 (Does not include restoration of the tooth)
We are presently using state of the art nickel-titanium rotary instruments to fully prepare canals for root-fillings
Fees vary according to number of roots and complexity.
Treatment of teeth that have already been root treated may attract a higher fee.


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