Orthodontic Treatment

Here at Barley Mow Mr McNulty & Mr Morden are able to offer several options to straighten your teeth.
Most of the options have been developed to deal with limited problems involving the front 6 teeth in the upper and lower arches.
These treatments are called Limited Treatment Objective (LTO) or Short Term Orthodontics (STO) for obvious reasons.
They focus on providing a cosmetic/ aesthetic treatment to uneven crowded or spaced front teeth - they are not able and do not try to fix problems with jaw relationships and arrangements of back teeth. To resolve such problems needs the attention of a more fully qualified practitioner and more importantly almost always fixed orthodontics and a longer course of treatment.
Our techniques move teeth at the same speed as more traditional systems, but by focusing on less comprehensive treatment they are perceived as faster - closing extraction spaces, straightening back teeth and rearranging bites take time.
This makes STO/LTO treatment  ideal for retreating orthodontic relapses as these often involve just the front teeth.

Mr Morden can also provide limited aesthetic fixed treatment (ClearSmile Brace (CSB)), which can resolve more complex problems and is ideal if teeth are tilted or rotated.

So what are the options: [ click on the links to see fuller descriptions]

Inman Aligner  - removeable / moderately visible / quick

ClearSmile - clear aligners - almost invisible and little bulk / slower / often more expensive

ClearSmile Brace - classic fixed braces and wires but reworked in clear ceramics and white coated wires - not removeable but very effective 

Around half of our cases involve patients who had their teeth straightened as a teen and either did not effectively wear the provided retention or have fallen foul of the tendency of all the teeth to move forward and become more crowded. To avoid this happening again as much as we can we usually provide fixed retention where it is possible as well as a vacuum formed retainer.
There are a number of other alternatives becoming available as the industry tries to find the perfect solution to long term retention.