The ClearSmile Aligner System

ClearSmile Aligner is a clear removable cosmetic appliance designed to straighten your front 8 teeth. ClearSmile Aligner technology can straighten teeth that are crowded, rotated, tilted forward or backwards.
There are many such systems on the market, with the most recognised being Invisalign. Each orthodontic laboratory has their own system and they all are made in a similar way and work much the same.
You will be able to see the results before you start using our Archwize simulations and, once the result is approved, the custom-made Clear Smile Aligners are fabricated using the latest in 3D printing technology.
ClearSmile Aligners are manufactured from clear, medical grade plastic. When first placed over the teeth, the aligner is not designed to fit perfectly; the teeth will move to where the aligner directs them. The small movements incorporated into each aligner will gradually align the teeth using gentle pressure.

Is It Visible?

The ClearSmile Aligner is highly transparent so it will appear almost invisible to the naked eye.

Is it removable?

The Clearsmile Aligner can be removed at any time so it doesn't have to impact on your social life, but it is recommended that you wear the aligner for at least 20 hours per day. The aligner must be removed during eating and for cleaning.

How long does treatment take?

Teeth are normally straightened within 3-12 months depending on individual cases.

What does treatment involve?

Clearsmile aligners are provided in sets. The aligners are worn in sequence to gently guide the teeth into the desired position. Each aligner should be worn for around 20 hours per day and removed for eating, drinking and cleaning. Each aligner is usually worn for 2 weeks, therefore, each set of 6 aligners equates to 3 months of treatment. The total length of treatment depends on the nature of the patient's problems and their objectives, which in turn determines the number of aligners required. Timescales will be discussed during diagnosis and treatment planning.

How do I find out more?

Just ask!      There are examples on the ClearSmile website here.


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