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Fixed brackets and wires are the standard tools of orthodontists for very good reasons - they offer excellent control of the tooth position in 3D - they can rotate, tilt, upright and generally move the tooth where it needs to go in a controlled fashion. Unfortunately all that stainless steel, even dressed up with coloured elastics to match your hair or favourite football club colours is still not particularly aesthetic.

Clarity 2clarity brace 1

We are using the latest 3M ceramic brackets and white coated wires and clear elastics so the whole system is as invisible as possible. We usually review the pateint monthly and nominally anticipate cases will take about six months to complete.

By scanning the teeth with our 3M TrueDef scanner the orthodontic laboratory can produce an ideal setup of the brackets as well as a digital mockup of the likely finished result, so you can see it in 3D before commencing treatment. For an additional fee, the lab can print a final model for you to see as well.

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This video is for lingual brackets, which we certainly don't offer - looks amazingly fiddly - but it does illustrate the technique of indirect bonding that we do use and how we get to the end result without too much fine-tuning.


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